Barri Carian

Founder and President, Carian Consulting


Barri Carian, Founder and President of Carian Consulting, knows first-hand what it takes to succeed in corporate America, having been a dynamic, senior executive for two Fortune 500 companies. But, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit that could not be bridled, Barri also knows what it takes to build two, successful start-up companies in diverse industries.


As a native Californian, Barri grew up in an entrepreneurial farming family. Closely watching her father take risks every year to grow his crops and expand his business, sometimes with a bountiful harvest and sometimes without bounty, Barri developed a deep appreciation of the true entrepreneur spirit. Her observations and experience led to a passionate belief that private enterprises and small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. This is WHY Barri made the decision to dedicate a major portion of her career to helping business owners and entrepreneurs thrive in their businesses and their lives.


In 2005, Barri started and continues to lead CEO Roundtables in Southern California and these interactive sessions have helped redirect and positively change the course of many businesses. If you ask Carian Consulting’s clients about the value of these peer-to-peer groups, they would tell you it is Barri’s breadth of diverse experience an general business savvy that have been a catalyst for moving their businesses to the next level.


Barri served as President of the Orange County Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). She has also been an active and dedicated volunteer for Healing Odyssey, a retreat for women cancer survivors. For over four years, Barri also served on the Executive Committee for Difference Makers OC (DMOC), an organization whose mission is to bring awareness of the needs in Orange County and connect business professionals with the non-profit organizations who are meeting those needs.

For business owners and entrepreneurs who are frustrated and realize their businesses have not yet reached their full potential—and who are committed to taking their business to a whole new level, Barri has a track record of making it happen.

Creating Great Business Partnerships,
A Workbook for Success

By Barri Carian

This workbook is a must-have for anyone considering forming a partnership or other strategic alliances. It is a hands-on approach to performing the right kind of due diligence, leading to better decision-making when forming potential partnerships.

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