In today’s ever-changing and dynamic economy, small to mid-size companies must contend with emerging technologies and industry shifts that can often negatively impact profitability and sustainability. But, the most successful business owners and CEOs courageously face these disruptive realities and adapt business strategies to leverage fluctuating market conditions.

Carian Consulting’s proprietary approach begins with a deep understanding of each client’s unique vision of success and what areas may need to be enhanced to generate results. Working very closely with owners and CEOs, Barri Carian brings an expansive array of real-world experience and laser-like focus, to identify and prioritize key strategies and develop implementation plans. Clients often say one of the key differences in Barri’s implementation plans is how practical and doable they are, compared to others more theoretical and academic.


With over 30 years of experience, Barri has encountered about every conceivable business challenge imaginable. From the moment she formed Carian Consulting to today, Barri derives intense satisfaction in helping business owners and CEO’s navigate many challenges that often keep them up at night.

Some of the challenges that clients turn to Barri for guidance include:

  • What type of infrastructure is needed for optimum business and employee performance?
  • How can we better integrate our key business components and what is the cause/effect of changing any current processes and/or systems?
  • What are the most prudent avenues to pursue for maximize business performance/results and supporting strategies for broad adoption?
  • What is the path of least resistance to inspire employees and stakeholders to embrace new strategies, processes and systems?


Recognizing far-reaching and sustainable major business success requires expertise across multi-disciplines, Barri has assembled a virtual team of independent experts to support her clients’ strategic growth objectives. These individuals and/or companies have proven experience in their respective fields and clients view this added level of support, a key differential in working with Carian Consulting.

Depending on a client’s specific objectives and strategies, this team of experts contributes to accelerating their business success. Barri has developed strategic alliances in the following disciplines:

Marketing, PR & Social Media

Raising Capital/Banking

IT Services

Human Resources, Staffing & Training


Financial Planning

Exit Planning & Sale

Taxes, Accounting & Bookkeeping

Family Succession Planning