meeting facilitation

Strategic Planning

It is more important than ever to periodically take a step back for a strategic view of your business.  Every industry today is being disrupted due to rapid changes in technology, psychographics and societal trends. It’s no longer enough to just focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Business owners must also pay attention to emerging trends that either can put them out of business or create opportunities to leave competitors behind. Using Barri’s proven strategic planning process, you and your team will come away with alignment on direction, critical initiatives and action plans that deliver results.

Management/Staff Meetings

If your management or staff meetings have become unproductive and you find yourself not only dreading them, but adding the costs of all the salaries sitting around the table, we have solutions. Barri designs and facilitates these meetings to bring a whole new level of productivity and value to you and your team.

Board Meetings

Barri is an experienced facilitator for high-level board meetings and for strategic planning or special sessions—sessions where the topics are complex, sensitive, and possibly contentious, yet where positive outcomes are essential.

What Clients Say

“Barri was incredible. Due to an unforeseen change of circumstances at the very last minute, our 3-year strategic planning session turned into the development of a 9-month transition/action plan. Her ability to work on the fly and adapt to the day enabled us to do what I thought was not possible. She discarded her extensive preparation and drew on her amazing skill set resulting in a clear path forward for our organization in 8 hours. Our international board of directors is full of big personalities, Barri was able to wrangle us in a way that was both drama free and effective. We are bringing her back to facilitate our 3-year strategic plan!”

KJ Jennings, Board Chair Association of Film Commissions International (AFCI)