Consulting & advisory

One of Barri Carian’s distinctive skills is how she consistently meets her clients wherever they may be in their business or leadership cycle—and her ability to identify key issues standing in the way of business growth and success. Barri begins the consulting and advisory services with a proven, far-reaching assessment that identifies the obstacles standing in the way of short and long-term business effectiveness. Barri is known for her highly collaborative approach and her ability to develop strategic roadmaps that produce results.

Business Assessment

Do you know the issues preventing you from reaching your business objectives or opportunities you may be missing? Through this proprietary Business Assessment, Barri helps gain clarity on company performance issues and provides strategic and practical solutions to generate immediate results. The Business Assessment includes confidential employee and customer surveys, interviews with key staff, market research and competitive observations, and an analysis of financial and operating reports. The deliverable is a clear, written presentation of findings and recommendations that provide answers to these important questions.

Vision & Goal Setting

Every business initiative or undertaking should begin with the end in mind. Whether it’s designing an overall business strategy for your company or tackling a particularly complex problem that is limiting success, Barri “jumps in” to generate immediate and lasting results.

Strategic Roadmap

Once the destination has been determined, we collaborate to determine the best way to get there. Focusing on questions such as “What do you need to incorporate into your business to propel you toward your vision? Do you have the right infrastructure and/or the right management team in place today? From a competitive stand point, do you have the right pricing structure to successfully market your products or services?” Ultimately, we help define the key elements and ideal business structure to move your company forward and then prioritize those elements, based on greatest impact and resources needed.

Management Tools & Execution

Experience shows certain skill-sets are at times missing in a business or there are simply not enough human resources available to execute critical business changes or strategies. For this reason, Barri has assembled a trusted team of experts known in their respective fields, who work closely with clients when expertise or resources aren’t initially available. Whether it’s designing the most effective sales compensation, redesigning or enhancing work flow processes or developing employee/leaders, a top-notch team is in place to support moving your business forward.


Most business owners and executives, realize the value of having trusted accountability partners to rely on to help them propel their businesses to the next level. Our coaching and advisory services are designed to help you stay centered and focused on growing and expanding your business. As many of Barri’s clients will tell you, they can count on her for direct and objective input and feedback, especially knowing it comes from an experienced and successful entrepreneur.

What Clients Say

“I have been working with Barri Carian as a business coach for four years. Since I began working with her, I have seen a significant change in how I run my company. She has helped me gain an accurate cash flow projection, determine the profitability of clients, set and achieve three-year goals, and navigate staffing issues. Barri is very easy to work with and provides much needed accountability. I would highly recommend Barri's services to business owners looking to overcome challenges and achieve short and long term goals. Hiring Barri is one of the best business decisions I have made and I am very happy with my return on investment.”

Andrea Casillas, President, Group Concepts, Inc.