ceo roundtable

Power of Peer-to-Peer Engagement

Imagine having a team of eight fellow business owners and CEO’s consistently meeting together with one goal in mind—to improve your success. They’ve come to know you personally, as well as your business aspirations and challenges, but they’re not directly in your business or industry. This type of interaction brings fresh ideas and an unbiased perspective to your unique challenges and opportunities.  They walk alongside you and often point out unanticipated obstacles and speed bumps you might not have considered in your business strategy and planning.

CEO/Roundtable Topics

There is no mystery surrounding the topics discussed in our CEO Roundtable, as many of the issues are quite common to business owners and CEOs. Members join our group looking for input on a variety of topics such as “Should I make that next executive hire now or later? What’s the best course of action to stay afloat in a declining economy? Should I take on a partner to advance the business? Is this the right time to sell or acquire another company? What’s the most effective way of incentivizing current employees and leadership teams?” If an issue is keeping you up at night, either from either a negative perspective or potential excitement, the CEO Roundtable is the place to get practical, real world wisdom. As one member shared, “My CEO Roundtable is where I go to get my answers questioned.”

One-to-One Counsel

In addition to monthly meetings with your peers, membership in the CEO Roundtable provides you with one-to-one coaching and mentoring with Barri directly. As an experienced entrepreneur and successful business leader herself, Barri helps group members sort through a myriad of demands, questions, issues and opportunities they are bombarded with daily. She helps them make wise decisions about the most important things to focus on or let go of in some cases.

What Clients Say