Business Partnerships

Are you already in a partnership?

Business partnerships like marriage, involve issues of money, balance of power and workload, disagreement and compromise. They can also be richly rewarding. It takes hard work to make partnerships successful for the long-haul, as well as a deep understanding and appreciation of your partner’s vision, goals and differences.

Are you potentially ignoring red flags of a failing business partnership? Do you recognize any of these symptoms?

  • You’re spending less time operating your business because you are diverted by problems in your working relationship
  • You find that your resentment is building over your partners lack of performance
  • You are barely communicating
  • You are disagreeing more on the direction of the company, spending or hiring

If you want the partnership to succeed, we specialize in helping partners and ownership teams get back on track. Barri Carian has 30 years of experience conducting partner interventions that repair the relationship between partners so they can focus on their business success.

Considering taking on a new partner?

It is estimated that up to 67% of business partnerships fail in the first five years. So why wouldn’t you do everything you can to increase the chances for success of your partnership?

Using her personal experience in the startup world and business partnerships, Barri authored “Creating Great Business Partnerships,” a workbook proven to increase success rates of long-term partnerships. Barri takes you through a valuable process critical for business owners to consider before embarking on a partnership and provides input to keep a partnership healthy and growing. For the price of less than one hour with an attorney, you will enhance your success in forming a lasting business partnership. You’ll learn:

  • How to assess the compatibility of a potential partner
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes people make
  • How to negotiate with your partner for a win-win
  • Critical areas to consider when creating the infrastructure of your company
  • How to keep a partnership going and growing

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Barri’s Partnership Insights

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To purchase a digital copy of this valuable and sought-after eWorkbook, please contact Barri Carian


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What Clients Say

“We are a brother/sister family owned business and we have been working with Barri Carian over the past three years. Barri has helped us maintain alignment as partners when it comes to business priorities, roles, goals and strategies, all while understanding and respecting the importance of our family relationship. She has introduced us to excellent resources such as HR and health and 401K benefits in furtherance of our business goals. Barri has been instrumental in helping us evolve from a successful construction company to also becoming a successfully run business by implementing best practices to include KPIs, job descriptions, training and much more. Our bi-weekly meetings keep us on track and accountable to each other and to the business. We consider Barri as part of the Access team.”

Albert & Elizabeth Tene, Owners, Access General Contracting