About Us

History & Philosophy

Barri Carian started Carian Consulting in 1997 after successful stints as an entrepreneur and founding member in two start-up companies and as a senior executive in two Fortune 500 firms.

Barri has a passion for business and for the entrepreneurial spirit. She is committed to guiding business owners through the maze of issues that keep them awake at night, quickly, effectively and with clarity of purpose.  Her focus is on producing powerful results for her clients quickly, and in a way that is sustainable long after she has left.

If you know your company has not reached its full potential and if you are committed to getting it there…then we can help

About Our Clients

If you are a business owner who is frustrated by the line outside your door, the missed delivery deadlines, staff “not getting it”, more business than you can handle and you are committed to get your company to the next level, then you are our client.

We specialize in helping business owners make the transition from running a business that is still founder-centric, reactive, chaotic, and sales not market driven, to one that provides you more revenue, more control, more freedom and more success. Navigating the turbulent waters between the different stages of a company’s growth can be treacherous.  We help you safely arrive at your next destination.

The Team

Barri has assembled a virtual team of independent experts; all specializing in different aspects of what it takes to build and run a successful business. Depending on your needs, the right team will be available to help you accelerate your progress in reaching your goals. The team includes multiple resources for your business in the following areas:

About Barri

In 1997, I decided I didn’t want to get on one more airplane to attend a business meeting! So I started Carian Consulting to pursue my passion and leverage my experiences by working with business owners to help them achieve great success.

In 2005, I created and continue to run a locally based CEO / Business Owner Roundtable. And in 2010 I authored “Creating Great Business Partnerships. A Workbook For Success” to help entrepreneurs make better decisions about choosing a business partner.

My business experience includes my own entrepreneurial ventures, two successes and one not so successful, along with two stints in Fortune 1000 companies.  The commonality running through all of the various companies, whether start-up or large company, was that they were all early stage. As a result, I learned how to grow an enterprise, whether it’s a company or a division of one. What infrastructure is needed and when? How do all of the business components integrate with each other and what is the cause and effect of changing one piece? How do I decide what opportunities to pursue and what strategies to adopt? How can I get my employees on board?

A native Californian, I grew up in an entrepreneurial farming family. The experience of watching my father take risks each year to grow his crops and his business, sometimes winning and other times not, helped me gain a deep appreciation for the spirit of the entrepreneur. I have a fervent belief in private enterprise, the small business owner and their importance to the health of our overall economy.

I received my BA from the University of California, Riverside. I am a Past President of the Orange County chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and I’m completing my 16th year of volunteer work for Healing Odyssey, a retreat for women cancer survivors.

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Consulting & Advisory Services

  • “Wow. What a week. GREAT meeting with you on Saturday after an unbelievably tough week. Then into the home stretch for today’s audit. MY TEAM ROCKS! The auditor was highly complimentary of our facility and our documentation. And a lot of that success is due to you and the many ways you have helped me better myself over the past 1-1/2 years. Thank you!” Jenny Rosoff, President, Village Green Foods
  • “I’ve worked with Barri as a CEO coach and business consultant. She has an amazing depth of knowledge due to her vast business experience. She works extremely well in difficult situations and isn’t afraid to tackle a challenge. She is creative, thought provoking, and provides real benefits and meaningful solutions. I highly recommend her.” Ken Kerr, CEO, Advisys Inc.
  • We called upon Carian Consulting when our business was at a crucial turning point. Carian Consulting provided clarity, organization, and an outside point of view. We have been able to formalize procedures in our office, increase our communication as a team, and move forward in our growth as a firm. We have been able to clearly identify obstacles to our growth, discuss the obstacles and overcome them. We increased our production by 25% while cutting production time and related costs by 10%. Today we see Carian Consulting as a partner and trusted advisor in our development and growth as a firm.” Ali Green, Green Zahn & Associates
  • “I don’t say it enough, but I think it every time we work together. You are awesome! Thank you for how you have helped our business grow, helped us as owners and our team develop as leaders, and helped bring my partner and I closer and working more cohesively. It is such a joy to be working with you. Julie Stewart, President, Sportsheets International Inc.
  • “Words cannot begin to describe the impact Barri had on my business and my professional development. When we began, I was looking to “recreate my business”; to achieve higher levels of sustainable success. Barri challenged me to remain patient as we worked on the basics to start building a new framework. She helped me clarify my vision and goals, map out a course of action, and most importantly, kept me focused. Once it was clear, I could keep moving forward, in spite of the occasional steps backward. I am so excited by the progress we have made and am already experiencing the results of our efforts. I am even more proud of my business today and continuing the success into 2011 and for years to come. I would highly recommend Barri’s consulting services to any business owner”. Sarah Atkinson, Agent, State Farm
  • “Every business owner desiring to be more than average needs to have a conversation with Barri! System Solutions Inc would not be where it is today if it were not for the clear insight and direct communicative style that is uniquely Barri. Managing the delicate balance between working on the business to grow and become profitable vs working in the business and performing simply as a technician has been a remarkable transition.  Ensuring that as a business owner, I am working on the right thing  – right now -! She helps to bring focus on the objective and not the obstacles.  Lastly, Barri has helped us navigate through a down turn in the economy, and how to sustain and then change to adapt to an evolving market place.” Vicki Tortorelli, CEO, System Solutions Inc.

CEO Roundtable

  • “Being a part of Barri’s CEO Roundtable has deeply influenced my effectiveness as a CEO and the contribution I make to my company.  The members have a genuine interest in one another and our success.  Barri facilitates a frank and candid meeting where members are encouraged to put everything on the table.  Sometimes it can be gut wrenching and at other times exhilarating as you tackle issues… both personal and professional… with the help of other CEOs.  I’ve belonged to other CEO groups but nothing before has been as effective.” Ken Kerr, CEO, Advisys, Inc.

  • “The CEO Roundtable is a pleasure to be a part of. Having access to such a high caliber advisory board with a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives is invaluable. I feel very fortunate to have them on my side!  This group is a phenomenal resource that routinely addresses personal, professional and business issues in a confidential and safe setting.  The support and responsiveness of the members and the superb follow-up that Barri provides has helped me to stay on track for flawless execution regardless of the project or issue at hand. This is truly an amazing group of people; professionally and personally!” Randall Yang, Managing Director, IQ Risk Insurance Services, LLC
  • “The group dynamic of CEO Roundtable is vital to small and medium business executives because it provides a professional, secure place where feedback is unfiltered.  Any topic can be put on the table and you’ll always come away with at least 1 or 2 perspectives that you would never have thought of on your own.   Further, Barri understands that leadership can be learned and one of her skills is helping us become better leaders.  She asks questions that uncover the motivations behind some of our actions and behaviors and, by doing so, encourages us to see things as they are and not as we wish they could be.” Maureen Weidner, President, Marshall Machinery, Inc.

Facilitation Services

  • “As Chairman of the Forum For Corporate Directors, I hired Barri twice to facilitate our annual board planning meetings. Both times she held pre-planning meetings to ensure clarity on and understanding of objectives and desired outcomes for each strategy session. Barri then designed a program and guided us through the sometimes-messy process of arriving at our new vision statement, and, critical initiatives. She also kept a room full of high powered, type A personalities in check on track throughout.” John Rehfeld, Board Member & Adjunct Professor
  • “Barri has facilitated two off-site strategic sessions for me.  The first was a combination of team building and creating new mission and vision statements.  Barri was instrumental in keeping the dialog flowing, keeping us on track and “tough loving” participation from all.  Our second off-site was to determine our 2013 initiatives as well as to address some potentially sensitive changes desired by the leadership team.  Barri met with me several times to strategize the best approach to achieve full participation and a successful outcome.  Barri’s handling of a very diverse set of personalities during the meeting was deft and skillful and the meeting was a huge success.  I recommend Barri to anyone looking to engage a facilitator for a meeting…even more so if there are challenges!  I will continue to use Barri as a facilitator and hope to take advantage of her other consulting and advisory services in the future.”  Dana King, COO Seabreeze Management Company, Inc
  • “Thank you for helping us out with our offsite board meeting.  Your capabilities and ability as an excellent facilitator helped the board get into the discussion.  I’m very pleased with the amount of discussion and exchange that came from the board members and you were instrumental in making that happen.  Thank you again, I really appreciate it.” Gregg Rademacher, Asst. Executive Director, LACERA
  • “Barri has facilitated at least a half dozen board meetings or strategic planning sessions for organizations I have either led or been involved in as a board member including Venture Point, NAWBO-OC, NASA Commercialization Center and Pomona Technology Center and the Forum for Corporate Directors.  In each case, she has been diligent about working with the leadership of the organization to gain clarity about desired outcomes, measurements and leaving with an action plan that could drive results.  As a seasoned executive who understands the bottom line, she has an uncanny ability to drive clarity from confusion and help executives, boards and other teams with sometimes competing agendas to come to consensus.   I can recommend her as a facilitator with confidence!” Karen Gifford – Principal – Gifford Management & Leadership Coaching